Jaguars QB Blake Bortles is primed for a breakout,Richard Sherman Jersey writes Eric Tessin at iSports Web, and that opinion is becoming increasingly common.Arian Foster Jersey Bortles leads a strong offense that will have the added stability of a rebuilt defense as well. Colts QB Andrew Luck is just as good as he has always been.Kyle Rudolph Jersey 2015 was an outlier in a stellar, young career for the quarterback.Derek Carrier Jersey In May, NFL.Joe Flacco Jerseycom experts commonly picked Luck as the best young quarterback in the NFL, even after his forgotten year in 2015.Derek Carr Jersey Even the Titans are primed for more success with 2015 rookie sensation Marcus Mariota. Mariota's time with the Titans has already yielded more highlights than many quarterbacks acquire throughout their careers.Paxton Lynch Jersey He cannot be forgotten in the mix of AFC South quarterbacks. Osweiler will have to be on top of his game to compete with the young guns the AFC South has to offer.J.J. Watt Jersey He left a Super Bowl team in a tough division to go to a less sure thing in a division that is in turmoil and could see any of its four QBs ascend to greatness. The AFC South won't be the laughing stock of the NFL in 2016.Teddy Bridgewater Jersey It's going to be competitive. It's going to be a gritty battle through the entire season.Antonio Brown Jersey Osweiler will be expected to prove himself and show that he can make the Texans more complete because of his abilities. He'll have to show he can keep pace with his young, surging peers. The talent is there for Osweiler to be something special. He has the right support of skill players in Houston to get it done. But don't expect the rest of the AFC South QBs to rest on their laurels while he works to become the best quarterback in the division. He can set the pace among the four, but any of his peers could also end up doing the same.